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September 2019

In January the Liphook studio opened. A beautifully quiet and tranquil space. The studio has a purpose build outdoor deck that absorbs the heat and allows for extended usage prior to and post the usual summer months offering practice amongst nature for a deeper nuturing experience.

Spring, Summer and into Autumn we have been able to use the new outdoor space and clients have enjoyed the ability to practice under the blue skies above whilst listening to the rustle of the bamboo and the sweet sound of birdsong, at the same time connecting to their deep core muscles in a way that they can utilise them each and every day, in the simple activities of daily life.

Mid 2019 I said au revoir to the Haslemere clinic as I became unable to run the two studios effectively. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team at the clinic and will still be recommending my favourite osteopaths, psychotherapists and massage therapists for a well-rounded holistic approach to my clients' overall wellbeing.

Looking forward to seeing old and new at the new Hampshire studio in Liphook.



January 2019 - Pilates equipment studio, Liphook opens

For Open Sessions, Solo Session, Duo Sessions and by invitation only. All new clients to complete assessment session and welcome package at the Haslemere Clinic studio. One-one Pilates Solo Sessions will continue to be available at the Haslemere clinic.



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