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What is Pilates?

  • Pilates is a body conditioning method that builds flexibility, strength and endurance.
  • Pilates exercises align the body’s bony structures creating correct and balanced musculature function. 
  • Pilates teaches us to connect to, move from and tone deep core abdominals and pelvic floor muscles. This provides stability and support helping to prevent back pain.
  • Pilates aids rehabilitation post operative procedures and illness, improving posture. 

Why choose Sublime in Liphook?

  • Amanda has over 25 years experience of anatomy & physiology and body movement through yoga and Pilates.
  • Having suffered a degenerative condition herself, Amanda is able to talk through personal experience and continues her studies to bring deeper knowledge and experience for the benefit of her clients.
  • The Sublime Pilates Studio Liphook is set in a secret garden opening on to the bamboo edged practice deck allowing classes to spill outside in fine weather.
  • The Sublime Pilates Studio is a place of tranquillity and solace where clients can enjoy a drink and some quiet time pre, post and during their sessions.
  • Classical Pilates with equipment as devised by Joseph Pilates for 1-1 bespoke tailored work according to the individual’s physical/health history and requirements.

Before coming to your first assessment session, please download, print and complete the health questionnaire.

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Sublime Body and Mind in Liphook offers a bespoke service, including the exclusive Duo/Trio Buddy scheme. Bring a friend and save! 

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My initial ambition on connecting with Amanda was to create some 'me' time and to help manage the tension pain in my neck and shoulders...I vastly underestimated the massive impact that Amanda would have on my life. Amanda is brilliant at reading me - my mood, my physical state - and providing a practice on the day that is tailored to my needs. I always end a practice feeling physically and mentally envigourated, and emotionally calm. My tension pain was fixed long ago. I feel stronger and more self-aware; I am more focussed on looking after myself and that makes me better at looking after others as well as striving to be a better person overall!"
Julia - Media Executive 

The best therapy for me and I hate to miss my sessions! I had back pain for 14 years (tried Pilates, tried everything) and then I met you, the first person to have helped me. ALSO I have stopped grinding my teeth in my sleep thanks to our work. Thank you so much. You have made me very happy.
Josephine Pembroke. Radio presenter

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