Amanda - Your body & mind coach

I am Amanda Beechcroft-Kay and what I bring to you I believe is exclusive, personal and can be experienced at our new Sublime Pilates studio in Liphook, Hampshire. Here you will either receive one-to-one personal tuition or share your Pilates session time and cost with one or more other clients. Either way you will receive a tailor-made programme designed specifically for your body and be given all the individual attention you require.

Amanda Beechcroft-Kay, Pilates instructor in Liphook, Hampshire and Surrey

Through a series of techniques devised I can help you to let go of the stress in your life, feel younger, feel a bounce in your step, a zest for life and in this way reduce any pain you may be experiencing in your body.

As a Pilates instructor trained to the highest capacity with the world-renowned Pilates Foundation, a yoga teacher and practitioner of almost 20 years recognised by the Yoga Alliance along with having initially trained as a fitness instructor, I can create for you a unique programme of what you might need for ultimate body work through mindful movement.

Also trained as a massage therapist and aromatherapist with extensive knowledge of the body, I aid clients back to health post illness and injury as well as helping clients in good health looking to strengthen, tone and change their body shape. Working at the Haslemere Clinic for sports injuries for seven and a half years prior to opening the Liphook studio, I gained valuable experience of working alongside osteopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists and psychotherapists in order to aid with patients’ rehabilitation and general wellbeing. In the studio you may be aware of the presence of essential oils for absorption into the body via lungs (sometimes skin) for physiological and psychological benefit.

Qualified and certified in the practice of NLP, I teach meditation enhanced with hypnotic and positive language techniques to help you sleep, clear the busi-ness of your mind and help create effective change in thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and state.

With use of the breath as life's most vital tool the mind and body are united in a fluid, moving meditation, aligning the body's bones for correct muscle function, improving tone, perfecting posture, improving core stability and aiding weight loss where required.

Elements of all of this are available at the Sublime Pilates Studio along with the original repertoire equipment such as the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel which all make up a Classical Pilates studio as intended and created by Joseph Pilates.

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